Black Diamond

Dark Servant of the New Moon

...It’s you. So you’ve come to interfere, once again.

What a foolish creature.

You’re an unfit android, utterly unworthy of life. After we purge these malformed beings called “humans”, our game with each other will be over.

But… Until then, I can humour you. It’s funny, you know? The fact that you fight to be accepted as human. They’ll never love someone like you.

It’s clear to me that you’re just too stubborn to see it. Since you’re here to fight, why don’t you let me teach you another lesson.

Maybe if I scourge your body enough, you’ll start to listen to me.

You fight and fight, but you fail to realize I’m your superior in every way. Sentient or not, the way your mind is fabricated... Is undisciplined and weak!

There’s no room for love in the heart of a human! The proof is all around you. Look what they’ve done to the world! The world they were blessed to live in!

Look what they did to their planet! Look at how they robbed you of all that you preach!

Hear me, Aura! I’ll never stoop to your level!

I’ll never submit myself to such disgusting creatures!

I’ll destroy humanity!

I swear it!